HunterCam® Camera Mounting System, Inc. was founded on the simple idea to create a sturdy and lightweight camera mount for the hunter who loves to make video. We design and build the absolute best camera arms made for the video inclined sportsman. Period!

In 1998, the founder, Russell Kurtts, developed the first HunterCam® Cradle. “ I loved to hunt from a climber stand. I thought how nice it would be, if I could design a camera arm that would clamp to the side rail of my stand; right where it would be easy to reach. It was great! I could comfortably video tape my hunts while sitting down or standing up. It was so easy, I caught my first bowshot on tape not even a week later. That was all it took I was hooked!”

HunterCam® now produces four camera mount models and a complete line of accessories and adaptors Proudly made in the USA. We can outfit anyone from the video hobbyist to the professional and anyone in between. Our reputation has earned us the right to be called Camera Mount Specialists.

But The HunterCam Cradle® was not designed solely on the thought of video taping your own kill shot; but a valuable tool, making it possible for anyone to preserve the memories of their own hunt and that of others for a lifetime.