Scouting Tools

In July, I began looking for elk. I started early due to the fact that this was the first year I ‘d be concentrating on elk. I often tend to have mule deer fever which is all I can focus on. This holding true, I really did not have a great elk area. Pursuing public land in Colorado can be affordable so finding a spot is done mostly via utilizing brain power and a more than a bit of sweat. Right here are a few tools that can assist you scout and also hunt smarter, not harder.

OnX Search Maps

Concurrently with the start of looking, I learned that the Sisterhood of the Outdoors would certainly be partnering with OnX Hunt maps and I would be just one of individuals working with OnX. I was thrilled at the prospect as I had tried OnX during turkey season in Nebraska so I would know I was on the proper homes as I navigated a new spot.

On my initial weekend break of hunting, I took the OnX out in Colorado to provide it a spin. I made use of the application (app) on my phone to mark the areas I placed my path cams.

The following week, I returned to examine my cams however I really did not pay close attention to see to it my waypoints were where I was standing so they weren’t exactly where I marked them however I discovered them conveniently and learned a brand-new feature of the mapping app. Among my favorite functions of this app is that you can check in on your computer from residence and also select areas you want to go when you remain in the field. In Colorado, OnX has layers for topographical maps, satellite, video game monitoring units, harvest data, personal land and walk in gain access to. Each state has various layer options. Digital looking is simply one more tool you can add to your toolbox.

I utilized this application to discover a field that resembled remarkable elk habitat and also I had the ability to compute exactly how far it was from the places I would certainly been as well as identify access factors. This meadow ended up being elk central as well as the video camera I positioned there was capturing hundreds of photos of elk every week.

Browning Trail Cameras – Command Ops Pro

I purchased a few of the brand-new 2018 Browning Trail Cameras Command Ops Pro cams (Retail $119.99) for elk as well as deer hunting this year.

I set up 3 video cameras in my brand-new area– I’m not exactly sure you can ever before have enough cameras– as well as captured images of deer, bears, moose and naturally elk. That very first week, I had a cinnamon bear on one of my cameras virtually on a daily basis and also it led me to acquire a bear tag when I would not likely have or else. I captured 40 photos of elk; I was so excited. Throughout the searching period, it simply kept improving as well as much better. Think of walking up to your cam and seeing this after 2 weeks

I entered into opening day of elk having a great suggestion of elk activity and their patterns. It placed me in a placement to be the just one of the 10 hunters that I consulted with that even saw an elk. That is invaluable, searching is never ever a slam dunk, it is difficult and also I am so happy that I put in the job to get and also utilize these cameras.

OnX Hunt has changed my searching this year, I recognize when I am close and also how close I am to borders I can’t go across. I was able to utilize the expertise that I gained from the maps and also my video cameras to place myself in place to be in the thick of elk on opening up early morning of Colorado elk. As I paid attention to the other seekers at the trailhead complain regarding how there were no elk, I recognized much better because I used my tools.